Game Review (Symphonica) , Developed by Square Enix

Two days ago, I was going down my twitter feed when I came across one that said Symphonica had been released. I had been hearing and reading much of the hype around the game so me and my roommate (Diversi-Gamer) an avid gamer like me decided to take it for a run.

I have to say for a company that creates the likes of Final Fantasy , one of the highest rated games on review websites such as Gamespot, I never expected them to delve into mobile gaming. The issue is not only did they delve into mobile gaming but they did it flawlessly. The interface for Symphonica is simple and easy to comprehend, and beautiful to look at. If you ask me, I have never liked playing games with bad graphics, so in that regard i was captivated instantly. Next, you find yourself on your way to game-play which consists of a well developed and incorporated story that Square Enix has been known for in its previously released video games. For example in the Final Fantasy Series, in which the player is provided  with a compelling and hyper realistic storyline that most people seem to be drawn to.

Although I have to note this is not the first time Square Enix tries to delve into mobile gaming. One of their attempts Demon Score that included music during boss fights and some missions, garnished great reviews in regards to graphics and story lines but was deemed deliberately repetitive and as having an expensive in-app purchase system , not to mention generic music! So as you tap your fingers to the beat of Symphonica you will wonder if they were even developed by the same company .

As a lesson learned Symphonica characters do not speak, as some gaming blogs such as Gamezebo criticized the voice acting and dialog in the previous game as laughable. In this release you follow the story line on the screen as you tap to continue towards the next levels, which allows the gamer to continue to be engaged visually.

In regards to music, it is no longer generic, The first levels of the game include concert pieces from the nutcracker, which you are required to perform to move on to other levels. The sound is on point as well as the beats that in this edition match the song perfectly and in true honesty I felt like I was conducting an orchestra in real life! The biggest perk is that it doesn’t end there . There are several skill levels to each concert piece that you can unlock by achieving a higher score on your piece. My roommate and I experienced the feeling of getting a perfect score on the song “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” and currently playing Skill level 2 in an effort to unlock the next one! Watch our video on my Youtube channel to witness the full combo

Last but not least the expensive in app purchase system is no longer a problem. Although you will find an in app purchase system in this game, it is affordable and well worth the extra dollars. Symphonica allows you to play through the first chapters completely for free. Once you are done with those, you can choose to buy the continuing chapters. At the moment the 12 chapter pack is valued at 14.99 which after you have played the game for a couple of minutes you won’t mind spending, but don’t take my word for it though, go check it out! Find it in the Apple App Store!

We will be buying the continuing chapters soon and keeping you up to date on any other features that pop up as we move along, so stay tuned!

The next best thing Square Enix could do is make this game available for users on mobile devices powered by Android systems, as currently the game is only available for iOS.

Other than that hope you enjoy this awesome game! and if you have already started playing it leave a comment below and tell me what you think!


2 thoughts on “Game Review (Symphonica) , Developed by Square Enix

  1. When I first started reading this I thought you were talking about Demon Score, which I heard while it was cool, the mechanics of the game just completely ruined it. I had no idea this one existed, and as a classical trumpet player I’m very pleasantly surprised. I hope you don’t mind if I write about it too.

    Also, be careful!! Squeenix didn’t create Tomb Raider. They just bought Eidos fairly recently and now publish whatever Tomb Raider related comes out. Who would have thought that The Final Fantasy company would be making music games between this and Theatrhythm. Also check out Rhythm Thief if you’re into these sorts of games. I just love music rhythm games like these!

    • Thanks for spotting that, I made the correction Tomb Raider is no longer included, just so there is no problem.You are right the mechanics of the game did ruin Demon Score,, which is why I was so surprised by Symphonica! and yeah I don’t own the game or anything, so you are more than welcome to write about it , I would love to know your opinion too , since you come from an instrumental background. I know, I really never expected them to delve into music games in such detail but they succeeded! and I will check out Rhythm Thief I had never heard of it before. Can’t wait to read what you have to say about Symphonica!

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