Plague Inc. !


While many students are at home, spending these days off because of #Sandy with their families, I happen to be one of those students that is stuck on campus along with the rest of my dorm neighbors, and what do I do? play Plague Inc. Yes you read it right, I am surviving my boredom by playing on my android phone. This game isn’t new , but I just recently discovered it, and decided that I would tell you about it in case you missed out on it, like I almost did.

In games most people want to be the hero, the one who saves the world, shoots down the enemy, but not the bad guy. Well, get ready because this will be a different kind of game , you are the bad guy or the bad virus I should say.  Plague Inc. begins in the lab  where you are asked to name your virus to start the game. Next, you are provided with three levels of difficulty:

Casual (for new players or those wanting a quick game)

  • No one washes their hands
  • Research doctors don’t work
  • Sick people are given hugs

I have beaten this level twice now, and I suggest that you don’t move on to the normal level until you beat the casual level at least once, because the normal level might get frustrating. Using this level to start off gives you the chance to get a feel for all the options that you have to make your virus deadly. I do mention that even if you beat the game on casual you don’t unlock any new material, this has to be accomplished on the normal level.

Normal (For experienced genetic strategists)

  • 67.3% of people wash their hands
  • Doctors work three days a week
  • Sick people ignored

I am currently in the process of beating this level and it is very demanding. Although there are many walkthroughs on the web that you can research and will give you a clear path to beat this level don’t do it!
The point of this level is to see how much you can figure out about bringing the whole world to extinction. It will surely take more than one try so brace yourselves for a night or afternoon of android gaming.By beating the game at this level you are allowed to unlock new material!

Brutal (For strategic geniuses living in concrete bunkers) because that is exactly what you are going to look like to your friends if they observe you playing this level!

  • Compulsive hand washing
  • Doctors never go home
  • Sick people locked in prison

Advice: tell one of your friends that you will be playing this game, and let them know that if you have been on it for an hour and a half , you would ask that they take the phone away from you, under any circumstance so you can have a break!

The purpose of this game isn’t the only thing unique about it. Not only are you the bad virus, but you are a smart one, you have never wanted to bring the world to extinction, but you will not stop playing this game until you do so. Second, it is addictive. The attention span of a mobile gamer like me isn’t much, and I tire of games very easily, so it has been a relief that Ndemic Creations has created this unique game.

Now, tap your Google Play Store App and download the game for free! Sadly for our iOS counterparts the game is 99 cents, but don’t be discouraged iPad and iPhone users the 99 cents are worth spending!

Good Luck strategists!

if you have played this game, or are on your way to download it let me know what you think of the game !

Follow Ndemic Creations on twitter @NdemicCreations

watch the trailer for the game at

or visit their website!

Later Readers!

Mode 2 Geek


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