#LVPASW “Das Bier Macher”

The Experience

It has been a crazy ride! I registered for #LVPASW as a student designer, and I have not been disappointed. At first I thought I would help out a team with my usual skills, building presentations, helping out with social media, giving advice on the look of things but I was wrong. For some reason I was drawn into the product design side of the house, and let me tell you its hard work but so far I love it!

I have been a key player in designing what the prototype for our startup looks like, and It has been no easy task. I thought it was one of those easy jobs, the person tells you what they want, you draw it and its done, well I learned its more than that. The prototype for our model was going to be based on what the whole team thought it should look like and I needed to hear those opinions before I got to work. Engineers have a say in what it looks like because they need to be able to fit their system in it, leaders in the group have thoughts on it because they came up with the idea, the public provides feed back on what they would be interested in seeing, and I as the designer have a say because I make it look appealing to the costumer. So think about it I have many minds to please, and no two individuals have the same exact opinion, yet it was a challenge I was gladly up for.

How does this all relate back to gaming?

No idea came about on its own, somebody had to create it, a team had to build it and consumers had to buy it in order for it to be successful. Every person on that team is key to a game’s success, but without listening to everyone’s thoughts you can’t move forward. The amount of design sketches I have done throughout this weekend are exponential but it was necessary. It’s nice to see what the original idea was, and what it has transformed into as design after design had to be submitted for the team to evaluate.

When I arrived on campus after drawing well into the night, I realized prototype design had taught me patience, that something can always be made better. As a student interested in game design I figured this was a good skill to obtain, because not everyone will get that level design for a game perfect the first time. It will be sketch, after sketch, until you can finally see your final product and say that you made it.

The Added Bonus

Be Smart! if you ever attend a Startup Weekend event, join a team that is creating something that you think is interesting, but might not be your expertise. I for one joined a startup idea called Das Bier Macher. a beer related startup! I don’t drink but I thought that their vision was worth investing time in. I have had the opportunity to work with approximately 15-20 great minds that make up our team. Everything from engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and other designers like me. I have learned alot about the craft beer home brewing process that’s for sure but I have also had great laughs, discussions, and unforgettable moments like the B-cup lol I’ll never forget that one. Sorry, its an inside joke so it is top secret! It is also a great networking event for students and people interested in the business and technology industry, to meet and and talk to people with similar interests. Some companies are hiring during these events so who knows you might be one of the brilliant ones, that gets a lucky shot!

Do not miss the opportunity to attend a Startup Weekend event near you, even if its just once in your life allow yourself to experience this environment, you will thank me for it later!

Stay tuned for pictures! because today is the closing day of this three day event, and that means startup presentations wish us luck!

GO Das Bier Macher!

if you wish to help us collect market research for our product please follow this link and fill out the survey! http://www.dasbiermacher.com/

Later Readers,



One thought on “#LVPASW “Das Bier Macher”

  1. Great advice! Yeah, working with a group, especially a dev team, you probably have to keep an open mind and always be willing to do that “one more” sketch haha. Sounds like an amazing experience!

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