Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Review: The Unexpected

Mobile Gaming and I have a good relationship because it keeps me entertained even in the darkest of my days , but today there has been a rift in our friendship. A couple of weeks ago, I pre-registered on the SQUARE ENIX website to be notified when Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade became available for Android and It is here to my disappointment. I never thought I would be saying this after their awesome breakthrough into mobile gaming with their previously released game Symphonica.


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t played a mobile game that does not have sound in a while and if you are like me then get ready because as soon as you open the game the first thing that you notice is that is completely silent… a soundtrack is key to the game to keep the player engaged, as I know SQUARE ENIX must be aware, with their previously released hits such as the Final Fantasy Series.


then follows how text heavy the game is, not only is it heavy during the extended tutorial you need to play in order to even start the game, but it is once you are done too, and it starts feeling more like a book of instructions than a mobile game. Once you get into the quests don’t expect anything exciting, the world you find yourself in has no depth to it, and you are basically moving on a flat plane, in a straight line, no strategy? whats the point?

Were you dreaming of killing monsters? out of luck! You don’t kill anything here, it kills itself , as soon as you tap yourself in its direction, and in battle mode you just tap away until the monster dies. It is pretty much a tap and play game, with no story line, no purpose, and no reason to make the user want to keep coming back. How this game is considered one of the most popular in Japan and attracts more than 3 million players, I have yet to comprehend. If you know why please leave a comment below, or play it yourself and sound off your thoughts!

In case you were wondering why I had high expectations for it, it was based off SQUARE ENIX’s own press release that read like this:

“We’re really excited to announce the highly popular social title Japan has been enjoying for some time is now making its way stateside to Android and iOS devices! FINAL FANTASY Brigade, named FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE for the US/Canada launch features cooperative (cross-platform) players riding airships forming parties and battling powerful enemies”.

“In collaboration with DeNA, and featuring character designs from the Monster Octopus concept popularized with the KINGDOM HEARTS mobile series and THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE engages players in battle against classic series monsters, allows exploration and utilizes an addictive social concept.”

“We’re very proud to offer FINAL FANTASY fans based in North America our own take on the themes and ideals of the series with the upcoming launch of the mobile game FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE,” said Kenji Kobayashi, director at DeNA. “In celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year, we have worked hard to create a unique gameplay experience where players can elevate each other through fun, cooperative play.

The only highlight in this game is probably that you get to see some old really animated characters that you haven’t seen in a while, but that is not enough to hold a mobile game together.


After reading that press release and experiencing the game myself I feel that I have been let down as a consumer.

This game is available for both Android and iOS devices!

let me know what you think!

Later Readers,

Mode 2 Geek


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Review: The Unexpected

  1. Totally agree. Also, even with the game force-stopped and notifications turned off, the game eats a horrendous amount of data (6MB in about 6 hours). There is nothing to do in the game. AT ALL. I tried to convince myself I liked it, but there is just nothing to it.

  2. I was first turned off by the game, thinking it worse than the other “card collector” games out there. However, there’s some sort of subliminal programming involved, feeding me digital crack cause I’m still playing and trying to get stronger. So I can [not] see how there are so many downloads for this game.

    Honestly, I keep playing in hopes that they improve the game (add music, add more social-aspects like trading), and my work will carry over into this “better” version.

    I just need to lay off these “tap-collect-crack” games in general 😛

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