Android Break: Holiday Edition

Welcome to Android Break, where I bring you up to speed on the latest Android apps that don’t make it to the Google play store feature page but are totally worth playing! There is nothing worse than downloading a game on your smartphone to then erase it, so here are some engaging games to keep you busy during this holiday vacation, and they are free, can it get any better? Take a look:)

1.stardomHave you ever dreamed of being a celebrity? Even if you haven’t you should give this game a try. This has been the longest running game on my phone in the history of my existence. You start of as a nobody aka the E list, and have to work your way up to the A-list., what choices you make to get there are up to you. Will you lie? Will you cheat, Will you bribe your way up? or Will you actually work for your dream? This game requires time on your part which is why it keeps you engaged, you want to get a perfect score on that movie you are producing? be ready to come back every 2 hours when your energy recovers to keep working hard at your goals!

2.The-End-Apk-1.0-v1.0-Android-DownloadYou remember temple run? that highly addicting game that you used to have on your phone? Well meet The End. I loved temple run, but always felt like I was running endlessly without a purpose. The End is a running game based on challenges, and that is the only way you can move up levels, it keeps you coming back because you are always curious to see if you can beat the next challenge, or find yourself wondering about how many you can accomplish in a row. Instead of coins you are now collecting duct tape, and you are running through a devastated city not a temple. I mean, it is The End right?

3.Screenshot.503.1000001This one I came across through my stepfather and let me tell you after playing a couple of levels I changed from playing it on his phone to downloading it on mine. Flow is the definition of simple.The purpose of this game is to use all the colors available to you to fill the space, and while simple, it’s not always easy. That is the key, you will give up on levels, but you don’t want to feel defeated by your smartphone, so after awhile you will come back to show it who is boss! True story is…once you complete that hard puzzle you feel like you own the world:)

4.nightThe first thing you will notice about the game is its art not its gameplay. The art used to make this game appeal to the consumer is not seen in many android games, so it is a welcome change:) . Next, is your mission. You are to protect a little girls dreams from those dreaded night monsters that you might have been scared off when you were younger, you get to be her hero. Warning: This game is not for the faint of heart! This game is fast paced and have your fingers ready to attack because you will need them. If you choose to play this game in the dark, the soundtrack is a little spooky, so don’t say I didn’t tell you. My roommate always knew what game I was playing at night because of it!

5.flavormonsterEncounter the Flavor Monsters! Me and this educational game met at a booth at New York Comic Con 2012, where I was able to play the game, which at the moment was yet to be released, and take a fun video as if I were being attacked by them! It was a good time,now back to the game. This game was created to raise awareness about the flavors put into tobacco and cigarettes to keep teenagers and adults coming back. The goal of the game is to go through different sub divided parts of the United States fighting every minor and major flavor that is trying to invade consumers bodies. Now, don’t think you are pointlessly killing, you are learning! Every time you defeat a major monster or meet some of the minor ones, you are shown a fact about the enemy you have defeated, to keep you educated and having fun along the way. The end of battle always culminates in you having to extract information from the subject, the Flavor Monster, to learn its worst deeds to humanity. In my opinion. they win the category of successfully educating the audience, without making you feel like you are studying along the way!

Now that I have introduced you to some awesome mobile gaming apps you might have not heard about, run to the app store and game away!

For iOS users don’t be discouraged! all these games are free for you too!!! so go check them out!

if you have played these games sound off in the comments section, or if you feel that I missed a game I should have mentioned then let me know! I am all up for new discoveries:D

Later readers,

Mode 2 Geek


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