Latest Mobile Game Updates!! Reviews

As you may be able to tell, I roam the mobile app stores on both Android and iOS devices way more than an average person would, but don’t worry because that means you don’t have to! Pay close attention, some of these games were just recently released and are currently available only for iOS , and others are available for both iOS and Android,enjoy:).

Christmas Orbz (iOS) Free!


Brilliant Discoveries can be made anywhere, or sometimes they end up coming up in your twitter feed, either way its worth a look. If you are in need of a game to pump you up with Christmas spirit you have found your match! As soon as you enter the game you are greeted with amazing music, and the soundtrack is whimsical according to my roommate and I agree. Now don’t let the gleefulness fool you, you are in for a challenge with this retro physics puzzler.It is your job to command physics to do your bidding in order to beat the game. You must use one orb in order to make the others collide, now, it sounds safe, but the issue is this orb doesn’t stop when it gets to the end of the screen, it keeps moving. What? Exactly my point, even your brain is puzzled.In more advanced levels your orbs will be connected by chains, and it has to be experienced to understand, so I will let you tell me how you fared in those levels in the comments below, I do heed this warning: Be careful of colliding with the wrong color, they multiply! Challenges get tougher as you go on, but don’t let up, show that smartphone, who is the smartest of them all! P.S Get ready to hear a lot of Santa saying Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Ready to download? Follow this link

Hide it! Head to Head Hidden Object Game (Android & iOS) Free!


Many of us as younger kids had a book called I Spy, played I spot an object in a classroom with our friends, or just loved finding things out of place in the supermarket, well now you can do it all from your mobile device. Wait, it gets better. Not only are you searching for objects but you are fighting for it head to head against your friends to see who finds them first, and if that happens to be you, you are the winner! Did I just tell you that you can find objects and play with friends? yes I did, because it is now possible. The part I enjoyed most about the game is that when you enter head to head mode you are the master of all things hidden, because it is your destiny to hide these objects from your friends. It is your goal to make them last for ever in the search of your objects so you can win of course! Worried about how to learn to do all this? no need, The game itself takes you through some quick tutorial steps so you are ready to go. Want to go at it alone? you can do that too, proceed to Solo Mode and just bask in the challenge of finding hidden objects. Did I fail to mention that the worlds you are searching in are 3D? exactly! No longer do you have to subject yourself to object searching in those boring flat planes like you used to, now you can pan the scene, and zoom in and out, that also means it is not as easy as it used to be. So be ready!

Ready for the challenge? Follow the links to Download:



Theatrythm Final Fantasy (iOS) (Free) with two songs.

240440-gggWell, we all know SQUARE ENIX, has been on a roll when it comes to releasing apps as of late, and with this one they have hit the mark again. A couple of days ago I reviewed Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, and informed you that it was a less than stellar mobile game, but my hopes have been regained. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy originally released for Nintendo 3DS, has made its way onto your Apple app store. For a game that is being moved across platforms it looks flawless, and back are the soundtracks that we love to listen to from our beloved Final Fantasy series. You can choose to play the scores of music, or play the music as part of quests. You are to fight monsters musically with your four person team of animated characters, and save the land. It is your duty! Watch as your team levels up and is able to create powerful attacks based off your combo chains as you play! If you have played their previously released game Symphonica, you will notice they are both equally amazing, the difference is one lets you enjoy classical music, and the other lets you enjoy the soundtracks from your favorite series, be ready to bring back the memories of those epic battles! Only downside to all this musicality, is that the game comes free with only two songs, if you want the rest you have to purchase them for 99 cents each or buy the bundles priced at 2.99. Yet, if you are willing to give it a try, the two songs will be worth your while. Let your musical spirit soar!

Ready to put your musical fingers to the test? Follow the link to Download:


Sorry Android users,I think Square Enix doesn’t like our operating system, let them know you want their awesome games on your smartphone too, because I sure do!

Happy Mobile Gaming!

Sound off in the comments below! Let me know what you think:)

Later Readers,

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