Wet Whistle: A Book Review

It is a known fact for those around me that I read books like a madman, aside from playing games and my love of art, so today I’ll give you my opinion on a book I was asked to review:) 51LCiJTR6vL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-52,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

Title: Wet whistle

Author:Toni Camilleri 

Length: 51 pages

This here is the synopsis provided by the book:

“When Deidra Branch decided to leave New York, all she planned was to do something different with her life. Without any hesitation, she moved to Las Vegas and immediately grabbed the first job opening in a strip club called Wet Whistle.

All seems normal until she becomes the unwitting witness to multiple murders in the club. Stuck with her strange patron, Isaac Maier, Deidra finds herself dumbstruck as events turn from bad to worse.

On the edge and finding herself looking for answers, Deidra learns that everything is not at all what it seems. She is presented with an opportunity that she finds very hard to refuse”

If I am on the lookout for a new book, this description would most likely make me want to pick it up, it sounds intriguing and mysterious,yet the story is far from it.  There is one challenge to books this short and it is having the ability to make it compelling and make the readers return for the next book in the series. It is possible but not here, I kept waiting to get to the core of the story.

The story begins with Deidra Branch, a Bartender at Wet Whistle, a strip club, and the musings of her day to day life. I found these pages packed with unnecessary detailed descriptions that made the story feel like it dragged on, and the plot seemed nowhere in sight, and appeared around page 15. You know when you grab that book and you don’t want to let it go? The pages keep calling to you? Well if this is how you judge a book, you might not even finish it.

All is not lost though, after the plot makes its entrance, you see the story. Now you are in the middle of a murder scene, you are Deirdra Branch, and you wonder what to do next, you hear loud noises, shots, screams and you have no clue what to do, but that is what your patron Issac Maier is there for. Apparently what you are about to witness is otherworldly, and he seems to think you actually know what he is talking about.

Bright eyes, Gray skin, you start hallucinating after bearing witness to the murder scene that these strange VIP patrons have caused. You ask questions but you only get shady answers. You are told that you have an ability to see things others can’t and get offered a job related to it, that will have you winning more money than working as a bartender, or a stripper at Wet Whistle and you contemplate the offer.

Now, you noticed I was not detailed at all in that description, because that is how you will feel as a reader, blank. The story is an incomplete introduction to the full story, after all the details it doesn’t take you anywhere. It’s not a cliff hanger like the ones that they give to you to come back for the next season of a tv series, it’s just not there. Plus if you do choose to read it, I don’t want to give it away, you are entitled to your own opinion too:)

Understand that this is the first book by this author and nobody gets it quite right the first time, like most of us know from experience.While a good attempt by a new author, you still wish she would have given us something more to take in.

But don’t judge a book by my cover, go read it and let me know your thoughts!

Purchase the E-Book here: http://amzn.to/RKTsEN 99 cents

If you have read this book before, sound off on the comments below, what did you think?

Later Readers,

Mode 2 Geek


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