Cristafurion and Friends Podcast !

Cristafurion and Friends Podcast !


Please take a chance to visit this amazing facebook page! I had the privilege of having my video featured on their  website,  and they create and share amazing content!

In their own words you can find “UNCENSORED interactive podcasting & news about movies, video games, comics, cosplay, events, and more!”

“Comedic uncensored podcasting by real fans who genuinely love what they read, play, and watch!

The show is led by “the hero”, Cristafurion, who’s inconceivable knack for doing the impossible leaves his name embedded wherever he goes. His love for all things media has motivated him into finding other fans who also appreciate everything that’s out there!

Cristafurion’s friends round out the podcast show!
John “the hater”, who with his I don’t like anything attitude, is a constant thorn in everyone’s side!
Also, Erick “the operator” lounges behind the scenes and helps bring it all together with his drunken technical savvy and sleazy demeanor!

Anyone can be another of Cristafurion’s friends! Just “like” our Facebook page for plenty of updates and content, visit for new episodes, and even call us at (646)727-9216 to give us recommendations as to what content you’d like to talk about and participate in our episodes! As always our show is fully interactive!

Listen as we discuss movies, comics, cosplay, manga, anime, events, video games, and just about anything else that comes to mind!
Podcast episodes and Crista’s Comic Corner segments are available as free downloads on our main site:

go take a look and let me know what you think!

later readers!

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