Freaking Out? Not Yet

Im sure you have heard about PSN’s Used-Games Block Patent because it is all over the twittersphere, but don’t freak out just yet. All PSN has done is acquire the patent to be able to use it in their consoles, and I know it is a scary thought, my insides are screaming! I hope the effect that this may have on the consumer is taken into account before this decision is made.

Patents are not usually a scary subject , they usually mean a company has acquired new and innovative technology that we’ll get to enjoy sometime in the future. So why so much drama over this particular one?

The answer is the player’s and owners of these consoles, Me being one of them. The patenting of this technology while innovative for the company is counterproductive to the people who enjoy playing the games companies produce. True that developers might be losing money because they don’t gain any profits from games that are sold secondhand, but I doubt it will compare to the amount of money they will lose if they were to implement this technology into the next-generation consoles.

Why you might ask? Here are some things to consider on the consumer side:


Will I be able to play the games I bought for my PS3 on the PS4? I mean I bought them new, but they will not have a code in them, so how will I register them to my new console?


Will I be able to share games with my friends? or will I have to carry my console around to share this new awesome game I’ve been playing? Yeah… I don’t think so


I bought it, I finished it, why can’t I sell it? Some players buy the game with the after thought that they can make at least half the profit by selling it online after they are done.


Consoles are expensive as it is and these days so are games when most range at $60.00 if they have just been released. This fact prohibits many players from experiencing games that just came out and the inability of being able to purchase used or pre-owned games, may mean many players will never get their hands on that game they really wanted.


Will the games be tied to the PSN Gamer Tags or to the console? I read an article today where a Wii U user, because of Licensing on the device, was able to download the previous games of the owner, when he bought a pre-owned Wii U, so does that mean that I buy my games and I don’t get to keep them?


During Holiday Seasons, Parents are the ones that buy the games for their kids, if all parents have to choose from is a price of $60.00 for all the games their kids want, be sure that its going to be one slow selling Christmas  You know as kids and teenagers we always want more than one, and you know what that means $120.00 and in this economy, not an easy amount to come by.

I for one know that I will not be buying a PS4 if it comes with this patent enabled in it, and I am sure many would agree, so unless Sony feels like putting their company on the line, they should understand the fine line they are treading on:)

These are just some of the things that come up in my mind when I think of a company blocking Pre-Owned games on any console. Hopefully, it stays a rumor and cross your fingers that XBOX doesn’t start getting any ideas!

If I missed any points that you think should have been mentioned sound off in the comments below! I would like to hear your thoughts!

Later Readers,




One thought on “Freaking Out? Not Yet

  1. I get that the people actually making games don’t see any money from used game sales but are mainly going towards the middlemen. But I agree, as a consumer, used games are great! Why spend 60 dollars when you could spend 40 or 30? It just makes common sense! If the PS4 goes one way and the XBOX 720 goes the other way, I think I can guess where most people are going to follow…

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