Spanglish at “Corazon”!

“Spanglish at Heart”

I grew up walking the line between two cultures, saying “Buenos Dias” to my mom in the morning and Goodnight to my mom as I went to sleep. I can say its been unique and a lifestyle that some of us miss, once we choose to live in just one of those “culturas“.

Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, I always dreamed of what the influential mainland of the “Estados Unidos” would be like, so I followed that dream. Today, I reside in the United States, and while at home we speak “Espanol“, it isn’t quite the same. I have not been able to go home since I moved here but I found my Spanglish “amor” somewhere else. On a trip to Costa Rica during spring break, I found my other home, the missing “piezas“, the Spanish “acento“, the delicious “arroz con habichuelas“, and what Tico’s call “Pura Vida“. It was an experience to remember and an eye opening one. I didn’t know what I was missing, because I gave it up when I moved away from my lovely “isla“.

Away from home I always questioned, if all of these different countries speak Spanish, are we really that “diferente” ? To my surprise we truly are different, yet at the core pretty much the same, and that brought a smile to my “corazon” . Both Puerto Rico and Costa Rica have made a unique spin around this “mezcla de culturas” that we live in today. We have made this transition “nuestra” , and haven’t let it quite define us.

From spanglish marketing at “Tico Bell”



                   to geek gamer culture influence at the fast food restaurants

Millennial Geek Gamer culture

and finally to your refreshing drink of “Live Mas“.

Millennials in Costa Rica

Both of these Spanish speaking countries, have found a way to make this second language, this new “cultura“, part of their “identidad“. Just like the places I’ve been, I have made these two “mundos” my identity.

So I can honestly say I am Spanglish at “Corazon” !

Millennials in two countries

Have you found yourself walking the line between two cultures?

Has tenido que vivir tu vida balanceando la linea entre dos culturas?

leave a comment below!! dejenme saber que piensan!!


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