Society Is Attacking Us: A Reflection on Codes of Gender Film


I am not going to lie, aside from the obvious advertisements that degrade women, or make them feel

defenseless; I hadn’t really noticed that most other ads also do the same. It was eye opening to see

that almost every pose that we take in a magazine is in some way making us appear less than the other,

defenseless, in need of rescue. It made me ask myself, if we aren’t supposed to pose that way, than how

are we supposed to pose? I always saw the images as okay because the man is always the one holding your hand, when you go somewhere, or standing on the outside of the sidewalk, so guys don’t holler at you. He is the strong one, or at least that is how strongly conditioned we are to think so, that I could not see the wrong in these images at the start.

Now, I wonder what would happen, if as women we started posing in strong stances like men. Would we look masculine? Or would it be as accepted, as the fact that, girls also wear tuxedos or pant suits and make them look fashionable? If this is accepted of course, then we would have to question as a society, why wouldn’t we accept men dressing in clothes typically for women? It might be another condition of society. It is hot to see your girl be strong, and assertive, it is not sexy to see your man being feminine. Society, is grounded on unattainable beauty standards, and gender codes that aren’t up to them to decide, it is a personal decision, an individual one.

This is why many people feel like  they don’t belong. There are many images, but if I don’t look like them,then who am I? Am I desirable? As a man or a woman this can affect self-esteem, and instead of creating an accepting society, to raise healthy individuals, we are shunning those who don’t follow the “norm”. Why, if a  man poses in a typical female stance, he is considered gay or looked at as feminine?, Because we were taught to see it that way. I kind of giggled when the pictures of them in those stances came up, because it looked wrong, not because I thought it was wrong, but because society told me that it shouldn’t look that way.

So with this, I promise to look at everything with a non-judgmental eye and ask myself, is there something truly wrong with this, or did society tell me there was.


How many of you have ever felt stereotyped, or judged?

Share your story, and how we can fix it , in an effort to make our future a better place:)




One thought on “Society Is Attacking Us: A Reflection on Codes of Gender Film

  1. I was the little girl who never ever wanted to wear skirts. And the woman who doesn’t either (nor has ever carried a purse). I looked around and saw “skirts and purses = beautiful” in images, but that didn’t ever feel like me. I figured that meant I just wouldn’t ever be beautiful – or that I had to take on that approach to BE beautiful – but now I know that beauty isn’t about clothing and accessories. By far.

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