From Yin to Jan

Ship life comes and goes but so do the people in this space. However, here you may finally understand that special moments are found in many unforeseen places or with people that you otherwise would have never met. On-board a ship is where you will have conversations that will probably never happen again, but that will leave memories that play on forever. It is those moments when you sit at the ship bar twirling a glass of wine with a glass of sprite that you remember that you are drinking your wine like that because you promised Chang you would do it at least once. Turns out he was right it did not taste like wine at all, I actually smiled. It is those nights when you find the North star and remember that Stanley taught you how to find it the first day you were on board. Moments like these happen because we find each other on such short time with one another, that we make it count as much as possible.

Take today, for example, I was going to find the sun with a sextant with my good friend Julian who is a cadet on board. Plans that came after a long night of dancing, talking, and using his cadet officer coat to stay warm. Picture it, a boy who swing dances, loves to smile, and has glasses that when not worn make him look like Tom Cruise walking into the bar as an officer in Top Gun. He will be gone soon, just like everyone I meet, but it is those moments that matter.

My roommate Emily and I share some of these moments and not others, but the moments that we sit down to share the other with each other, it is perfect. It is that one person that can’t run away from you and you can’t run away from, because when you close the day they are all you have. On the ship, unlike college you can’t just run away to someone’s room because mostly everyone on board also has a roommate. I’m lucky that for the time she is here, I get to share my adventures with her.

For now I only reminisce about Chang’s glances my way and our deep conversations, but in the next couple of weeks things will change. I will miss hearing the clicking sounds of Emily’s computer as she writes a blog post of her own in the bottom bunk, Stanley’s shy dancing when nobody is looking, and Julian’s voice in my ear as he tries to speak to me without minding the people around us. In these last couple of days, these are moments, but soon they will be memories. It’s a balance, it is my inner Yin to Jan.

Disclaimer: I know its Yin Yang the title has its own meaning.


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