A Moment Like This

As I am looking at the coast of Spain, a voice tells me to take a step on the edge and stand up. I listen and let myself feel the breeze of the ocean on my face, as I lay one foot on the edge and then another. I look out at the vast space in front of me and realize that I am surrounded by darkness even when the sky is lit up with stars. The moment, however, is anything but dark. In my mind I felt free, I had chosen to let things just be.

The voice that I am hearing is a shadow, but I can’t mistake that voice as it says “I won’t let you go”. We all know this scene well, except here Jack isn’t saying it to Rose. The voice I hear is Julian’s. It is a cliché moment done by many crew on-board, but even I underestimated its magic until I was standing at the edge of what seemed like forever. The moment vanished as soon as it happened, but it’s the feeling of standing at the edge, with someone that trusts you enough to not judge them that makes it a moment like this.

As I stepped onto the edge “My Love Will Go On” was not playing in my head. Instead, I heard Leona Lewis’ song “ A Moment Like This”. I’m not sure how much of my lifetime I have left, but I’m definitely glad I have this. Aboard the ship, one learns many lessons and today I have learned this: We shouldn’t walk our paths too straight because if we miss the turns, we might not experience the most exciting parts. I had a choice to make and I chose to be. Sometimes if you let go, you can find a moment like this. A moment where the earth stops, the winds silence, and you realize that the edge may not be such a dangerous place after all.


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