Soul Letters

My mom has always said that I am an old soul, that I seem to have been born in the wrong decade or century. I read newspapers, I write poetry, I read books, all things that are not closely related to our generation. My generation seems to be ingrained in technology and living their lives on social media, I also take part in these actions, but for the most part I always hide behind my words. I have always felt more comfortable expressing myself in writing, discovering new worlds through literature or writing an article for the newspaper in pen, before it ever makes it to the screen. I like the feel and the look of words on paper, it is like no other.

Snail mail or post mail has been declining for personal use such as sending letters to those you love, but in ships the system remains very much alive in order to communicate with those you wish to talk to on-board. There are few personal phones here, which are reserved for those who would actually need it in the case of a ship emergency, so reaching someone you want to talk to on the ship isn’t quite possible. Unless you are sure they are in their room, living on a ship is like owning a house phone again and no cellphone. As an old soul I like it this way, because you go back to connecting with people.

In Julian I met an old soul, and a person that I very much like corresponding with, so we leave each other letters throughout the day. It had always been joyful when I received letters in the mail, so imagine my happiness when I open the door to my cabin and a letter has been slid under my door. I know you are wondering, what is so great about letters? Well if that letter made it to your door, someone thought about you in order to write it, someone took the time out of their day to deliver it, and wrote to you in the hopes that you will respond with a message back.

A letter can be safeguarded and kept while emails may disappear because of a malfunction in your computer system. Anybody can write an email, but not everybody can write a letter. A letter is personal and takes a little bit of you with it when you send it along. It is a soul letter. A sole letter. Just one letter. That makes a difference to my old soul.


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