What Mom Doesn’t Know

“Love you to the moon and back” is what is inscribed in the necklace that reminds me that I have someone who waits for me back home. I am no stranger to traveling or being away from home for months at a time yet there are times while it seems that I am having the time of my life that I would like some time with my mom.

When I started traveling mom was a little concerned about letting her little girl go places alone, but as time has passed she has come to know that living this life makes me happy. What she may not know is that while I visit beautiful places in Spain, France, Portugal and the Caribbean, the most beautiful place I know is sitting right beside her. Running around new corners of the world with international friends is fun, but having conversations with her makes me happier. When I go days without speaking to her I can’t quite keep a smile on my face. She is what keeps me going on most days.

The hope that one day I can show her the places I have been, the joy of sharing the stories of adventures with her as I show her souvenirs from the places I saw. I update my Facebook just so she can see that I am growing up just fine and with a smile on my face thanks to all her patience and sacrifice in the past and her continuing support today.

I have become the woman everyone knows today because of this amazing woman I get to call my mom. I wouldn’t speak English if mom hadn’t insisted, I would still be in the saddest parts of my life, if mom had not put in an effort to rescue me from them, even when she had to come down to my sadness and experience it with me too, she did it anyway. Through it all she has also been there for my brightest moments: graduating high school, finishing my bachelor’s degree and getting my first real job.

There is a reason this necklace hangs around my neck no matter what I am doing or where I am, because I love my mom across oceans even when we are far apart, and across time zones even when we can’t quite reach other, but even if I went to the moon and couldn’t see her from there, I would still love her to the moon and back.


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