The Pauses in Traveling

As I sit in my bedroom waiting for my next ship contract to begin, I realize I am surrounded by things that I don’t need. I know my mom has told me countless times, but it is not until you understand that you live a happy life out of a suitcase 8 months out of the year, that you ask yourself. Do I need it all?

The pauses in traveling make you realize how much you have changed. You always think you have come and gone, but it is not that simple. Home is truly a vacation and not the other way around, even though I travel the world. At home you start to think of yourself, you have quiet time to reflect on life and where you want it to go and what in it should go. Most of the things in my room have been sitting here since I graduated college, and I haven’t missed any of it, not once, in my travels.

Material things mean nothing when my everyday life is full of new experiences and places where I have more time to learn a new language or have a new hobby. My life de-cluttered would probably represent more of who I truly am. In a couple of weeks, my mom will change what my room looks like, and with it I want to change what my life looks like too.

In a short time, I’ve grown up. I can tell in the conversations I have, in the way I look at life, in the way that I try to understand everything around me. I have an unwavering spirit and endless hope that I wasn’t aware of before. Life used to look like it was closing in on me but ever since I have allowed myself to just be, it seems to be full of endless possibilities.

I know it will be hard to get rid of the things in my room, but they are only things. I will keep the memories I find along the way, the books that took me to faraway places and the things that I truly need around. As for the rest, I hope someone else finds them useful.

The pauses in traveling may seem boring, but it might just be the quiet you need.


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