About Y-Millennials

Our generation seems to be the talk of the town in society these days, about how lazy we are, how the economy is tearing our futures apart with the high unemployment rates, high tuition, “useless humanities degrees” , and technological distractions. Meanwhile they have forgotten that behind all those articles, statistics, and judgement are real people, Us, Me, You, and the Upcoming generation.Society needs to remember that there is one thing that makes Millennials and past generations the same… our dreams.

Every single one of us has a dream, whether its the white picket fence, the name in lights or making a difference, it’s what keeps us going. this project seeks to bridge two generations who seem to have lost each other along the way, thinking that one was better than the other. We would not be here if it were not for the past generation’s successes. We wouldn’t have dreams to follow, if they would not have paved the way for us. The ideal dream has changed, our generation has attained more of a world dream, which has caused a rift between us and the past. We have grown to be more understanding of current issues and it has put us at odds with those that came before us.

I want to collect the voices, words, dreams, and opinions about our generation and yours, to show society that we are not that different. I want to portray a real look about who we are, what we are, and how we see our place in society.

Let us speak for ourselves and maybe, you’ll see something that wasn’t there before…

Follow the project, and behind the scenes scoop on:

Twitter: @YMillennials

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YMillennialsDoc

If you wish to help with the project or are interested in contributing your story, feel free to send an email to ymillennialsdoc@gmail.com




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