About Me


Natalia is  a recent college graduate who did her best to explore and take advantage of opportunities while still in college. Thanks to this, she is lucky to have her next adventure begin on a cruise line as youth staff:)! She will be sailing until July. She will do her best to keep everyone updated on what cruise life is like and the places that she visits.   She is looking forward to sharing with you what she finds along the way and hopes that you will enjoy the journey.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Natalia Martinez is a 22-year-old adventurer with a deep passion for dance, culture, media and travel. Since starting college, Natalia has written for several publications including Keystone Edge Magazine and RockMeFabulous , has volunteered to help with social media marketing, and has designed multiple newsletters to keep those around her campus informed. Her background as a new media student and dancer have cultivated her interest in the arts, media, and education around the world. Inspired by those that surround her, and the experiences she has gained because of them she has decided to continue pursuing her dreams no matter how big or impossible they sound.

” People always say there is a one in a million chance that I will make it, I am looking forward to being that one”- Natalia

Personal Twitter Feed: @NataliaDeJesusM

Instagram: @mode2geek

Email: santaclara042992@gmail.com

For those that want to keep in touch, feel free to leave a comment on a blog post you liked or send an email! 🙂





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