The Pauses in Traveling


As I sit in my bedroom waiting for my next ship contract to begin, I realize I am surrounded by things that I don't need, I know my mom has told me countless times, but it is not until you understand that you live a happy life out of a suitcase 8 months out of the year, that you ask yourself. do I really need it all?


Society Is Attacking Us: A Reflection on Codes of Gender Film

I am not going to lie, aside from the obviousย advertisements that degrade women, or make them feel defenseless; I hadn't really noticed that most other ads also do the same. It was eye opening to see that almost every pose that we take in a magazine is in some wayย making us appear less than the … Continue reading Society Is Attacking Us: A Reflection on Codes of Gender Film

Android Break: Holiday Edition

Welcome to Android Break, where I bring you up to speed on the latest Android apps that don't make it to the Google play store feature page but are totally worth playing! There is nothing worse than downloading a game on your smartphone to then erase it, so here are some engaging games to keep … Continue reading Android Break: Holiday Edition

#LVPASW “Das Bier Macher”

The Experience It has been a crazy ride! I registered for #LVPASW as a student designer, and I have not been disappointed. At first I thought I would help out a team with my usual skills, building presentations, helping out with social media, giving advice on the look of things but I was wrong. For … Continue reading #LVPASW “Das Bier Macher”

G-evolution is going to LVPA Startup Weekend! #LVPASW

Yes, I play games, but that is not all I am looking at. Have you ever wondered who came up with the idea for that story line? Who pitched the idea to start your favorite gaming company? What developers helped create the genius that we see on our screens? because I do.ย Attending #LVPASW gives me … Continue reading G-evolution is going to LVPA Startup Weekend! #LVPASW